LTC = Living Through Challenges?

By Jackie Slaughter, Associate Director, Long-Term Care

  • Originally published March 15, 2013 , last updated February 26, 2020
LTC = Living Through Challenges?

As I sit here thinking about the millions of Americans who have not been educated on the topic of long-term care, I wonder if the title “long-term care” should be stated differently. Is it the name that makes it so daunting to people that it turns them away from the discussion? Or are they really fooling themselves with “It will never happen to me?”

It makes me wonder if “living through challenges” should really be the LTC we talk to our clients about. The challenge comes in for the families who are going to do everything humanly possible to take care of the individual who needs the care. That includes giving their time, money, sweat and literally tears.

Oh, what a blessing it would be if anyone and everyone who had an event or need for any type of care had a policy they could just snap their fingers and bam … done. The only requirement would be for someone in the family to make a phone call and begin the process of care. The policy would at least take away one less burden for the day. What a mental and physical relief that would be. The “What Ifs” and the “should of, could ofs”. How many times have we heard don’t look back on life and wish you could have changed what it is today? It’s “too late baby” if you didn’t plan ahead. Why waste time in a dream world versus facing the reality of it; it will happen.

Generations ago families lived together and took care of each other with the good and bad. A lot of families today are not within driving distance of each other, let alone in the same household. Families in the past prepared for the future, believed and instilled in their children to be independent.

The one thing I know as an American, we have historically overcome all obstacles. As our population that is aging needs help in the future years, we need to make sure we take care of a generation who helped build this country. As the baby boomers age, they have the options for care, but have we educated or presented an explanation of these options? One of the worst statistics is, we have not asked our clients, “What if?”

There are more individual consumers today coming to us versus us reaching out to them about their plans for their future years. What’s wrong with this picture?

“Long-term care coverage” isn’t just the nursing home policy it used to be. We have numerous statistics on practically every aspect of LTC. We know how many individuals are receiving care at home today. We know that most claims are paid out for home health care and not to the nursing homes. We know the number of insured lives by states. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is LTC is a reality this generation has to face. We are simply living longer.

I don’t think anyone of us dream of being dependent on others at the late stages of our lives. We want our future generation to have at least the freedom from us being the number one stress in their lives. We want to maintain our dignity and quality of life, which means we need to make sure we have a plan. We have all lived through challenges and have always overcome in the end.

The phrase “living through challenges” encompasses all of this: your client’s struggles, your client’s family’s struggles, and the fact that with the proper plan in place, they can get through this challenge as well.


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