Income ArchiTech Planning Tool Press Release

  • Originally published January 18, 2018 , last updated March 22, 2018
Income ArchiTech Planning Tool Press Release

OMAHA, NEBRASKA — Senior Market Sales® (SMS) announced the release of Income ArchiTech™, an all-in-one retirement planning tool for insurance agents and financial advisors seeking a systematic approach to show that their recommendations are in the best interest of the client. Income ArchiTech is the only software on the market to stress-test multiple scenarios, from extended-care events to market downturns, and quickly and easily show the impact on clients’ financial futures.

“Income ArchiTech takes the innovative approach that today’s financial planning professionals have been waiting for,” said Bill Kauffman, vice president of Financial Solutions at SMS. “With this tool, it’s easy to enter data, easy to explain to clients, and it provides a systematic, structured planning process to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary obligation and act in the best interest of their clients. The tool will also help agents looking to bridge the gap between health and wealth to deepen relationships they already have with health clients.”

Income ArchiTech seamlessly combines income, cash flow analysis, harvesting patterns, Social Security, taxes, risk mitigation and stress testing to create the client’s retirement “Bl(u)print,” an easy-to-read financial plan that is the biggest “big picture” available for use by independent insurance agents, registered representatives and financial advisors. 

By offering Income ArchiTech to its producers, 35-year-old SMS strengthens its position as an all-in-one partner for independent financial professionals. The tool’s release — along with SMS’ recent purchase of Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, Sequent Planning — signals SMS’ commitment to the financial planning and investment management space.

“Financial professionals don’t want to log in to multiple tools and manually merge and calculate the best plans for clients,” Kauffman said. “What used to take hours, now will take just minutes, and it will be the most comprehensive look at a client’s future, so that agents and advisors know they’re acting in the client’s best interest.”

With more than three decades of experience and as a partner to more than 46,000 independent producers, SMS was able to identify desired features in a planning tool. SMS partnered with fintech entity Covisum™ to create technology that is comprehensive yet simple to use. Income ArchiTech leverages the power of Social Security Timing® and Tax Clarity™, two of Covisum’s pioneering software programs. 

“Users will immediately see the value of the income-distribution and tax-planning pieces,” Kauffman said. “But when they see how those pieces integrate with everything else to produce better, more comprehensive retirement plans, they’ll really comprehend its value: it shows clients the unique value that only a financial planning professional can add.”

Income ArchiTech focuses on improving the user experience, from the advisor’s initial data entry being quicker and simpler to the client’s printed plan being more concise and easier to understand. It also includes a unique and powerful feature — the ability to toggle from base case, to stress tests, to solutions in real time. 

The move by SMS comes at a transformative time in the insurance and wealth management spaces, with technology playing a role in the disruption

“SMS is the successful company it is today because of its ability to use these turning points to innovate and solve problems as part of our relentless dedication to our customers,” Kauffman said. “Income ArchiTech is the just the latest innovation, positioning us to be a one-stop-shop for a wider array of financial professionals while staying dedicated to our mission: helping them leverage time, build their practice and put their business in a position of distinction.”

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