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SMS Insider May 04 2022

In this issue: SMS Services You Might Not Know About: Medicare BackOffice®; Pharmacy Network and Quick-Links Feature Upgrade Now in Lead Advantage Pro; Acquire and Serve High-Level Clients With Tax-Saving Strategies; SMS Creates First-of-Its-Kind Lead Acquisition Platform; It’s Easy to Increase Production by Selling Travel Insurance

Senior Market Sales Creates First-of-Its-Kind Lead Acquisition Platform

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has developed and released Client Stream® Lead Exchange, a revolutionary lead acquisition platform. With Client Stream Lead Exchange, participating agents are given the freedom to choose their price point, the type of leads they want and when they want to receive them. 

Medico - Limitless Earning Incentive

The more you sell, the more you earn — and it’s easy! Unlimited bonuses kick in after just three approved and taken applications. It’s never been more rewarding to get your clients the affordable coverage they need.

SMS Insider April 06 2022

In this issue: Discover a Revolutionary Lead Platform; Make Clients’ Tax Refunds Work Better for Them; Local Agents Advertise Value Through In-Person Workshops; New Enhancements in Lead Advantage Pro®; SMS Featured on the Grow Omaha Radio Show

Local Agents Advertise Value Through In-Person Workshops

As a local insurance agent specializing in Medicare, how can you capitalize on your local status? How can you demonstrate to prospects that your knowledge and in-person accessibility equates to a better experience than what one might find with national call centers? Senior Market Sales® (SMS) offers a viable solution.

Sales Forum 2022 Registration

Sales Forum 2022 Registration

The 5-P Formula: Maximizing Your Business Results From Virtual Workshops With Frank Maselli

Virtual communication is here to stay. The advisors who conquer this new realm of client and prospect interaction will see success beyond imagining from three generations of clients who desperately need our help. Mastering the 5P Formula will give you a major advantage and increase the business success of your events.

Introducing Annuity University: Exclusive Training Platform for Advisors of Every Level

Annuity University is a convenient, on-demand training platform for every insurance and retirement planning professional to sharpen their knowledge, to sell more and to help clients more.  Offered exclusively from Senior Market Sales.

SMS Insider March 02 2022

In this issue: Introducing Annuity University for Advisors of Every Level; Expand Market Opportunity With Technology Suited for 5-Star Plans; Your Next-Level Medicare Business Technology Tools Upgrade; Why Protect Your Business With Cyber Insurance? ; Another Top-Tier Keynote Speaker Slotted for Sales Forum

Expand Market Opportunity With Technology Suited for 5-Star Plans

During these changing times, it can be a challenge to grow your Medicare clientele. While the competition is fierce, opportunity abounds with the proliferation of five-star plans.

Grow Omaha Radio Show Features John Haver, Senior VP of Senior Market Sales

John Haver, Senior VP of Senior Market Sales, and the hosts of Grow Omaha Radio Show, talk about the company's history, culture, and future.

AIG Annuities - Compliance Bulletin

The full compliance date for the new Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary guidance is February 1, 2022. Beginning on that date, sales, rollovers, transfers, and allocation recommendations involving an ERISA plan and/or an IRA, which are now considered fiduciary advice, become subject to the full set of requirements under applicable DOL guidance.

Your Next-Level Medicare Business Technology Tools Upgrade

Increase Medicare production with technology available through Senior Market Sales® (SMS). These tools are effective in face-to-face, online and over-the-phone appointment settings. They’re available at no cost and designed to help you save time, eliminate mistakes and simplify your Medicare practice.

American National DOL Fiduciary Rule Update

As previously communicated, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued restrictive policies on the sale of certain products involving funds from a qualified plan.

American National Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule and Impartial Conduct Standards

Beginning February 16, 2021, the provisions of the DOL’s new Fiduciary Rule became effective, including the expanded definition of fiduciary and Impartial Conduct Standards under new and amended prohibited transaction exemptions.