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New White Paper: Defusing the Tax Time Bomb

Right now, there are $7 trillion dollars accumulating tax-deferred in qualified accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s. Chances are, a significant percentage of that hefty total will never be used as income. Those who live off of pensions or Social Security would rather continue to defer taxes on their qualified money and let it accumulate for as long as possible.

Buy-Sell Agreements: Sales Opportunities for Any Market

Even in a tough economy, buy-sell arrangements present great sales opportunities with the small business market.

Safe Retirement on a Budget: An Indexed Universal Life Plan That Gets Results

Even if your clients can't afford a hefty premium now, theycan still build a robust cash value on thier IUL if they commit to growing premium payments over time.

Case Study: Solving Multiple Needs With Indexed Universal Life

In this case study, the clients wanted a product that could, if needed, provide a lump sum loan amount for future costs of education for a newborn child.

3 Questions to Consider When Selling a Guaranteed Death Benefit Plan

When determining which product best suits your clients who are looking for guaranteed death benefit coverage, consider these 3 questions.

Preventing Policy Lapses in IULs

A main concern about using life insurance to show a tremendous potential tax-free income stream is the possibility of policy lapse causing an income tax event.

Growing Need for Dental Insurance Among Seniors

Lack of Medicare dental coverage, a growing senior population, and dental care-related medical concerns are increasing the demand for Senior Dental insurance.

Lead Nurturing Tips for Insurance Agents

What do you do when someone isn’t ready to buy right now?

Index Universal Life Certification Exam

Learn the steps you need to follow to take North American's Index Universal Life Certification Exam.

10 Reasons Your Insurance Practice Needs a Web Site

Even if you do nothing else online, as a business-owner, you have to have a website. People expect a legitimate, successful business to have a website.

New York Regulation 194 Requires Agents to Disclose Compensation

Effective Jan. 1, 2011, New York Regulation 194—“Producer Compensation Transparency”—requires insurance agents to disclose compensation details to clients.

National Guardian Introduces Premium Calculator for Mobile Devices

National Guardian has introduced a new premium calculator for the Asset Guard product that is formatted for mobile devices. Run quotes anywhere with your phone.

LIMRA: Half of U.S. Households Say They Need More Life Insurance

According to a recent survey by LIMRA, almost 8 in 10 American households do not have a life insurance agent or broker, and most of them say they never did.

Great Enhancements to Americo Final Expense

We’re excited to announce three great enhancements to Americo’s final expense products.

Additional Multi-Year Payment Options for National Guardian's Asset Guard

New 3, 5, 7 and 10-year payment options for Asset Guard funeral trust expands the market of viable candidates for this guaranteed-issue final expense product.