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Minimum Rates to be Lowered on BAA Products Effective October 1, 2010

You have until September 30, 2010, to submit your BAA business and take advantage of the current rates.

Get Out Front with Aetna

Watch the video to learn more about Aetna's Producer Support Program.

How Would You Fix the American Retirement System?

The Economic Recovery Advisory Board recently laid out eight ways to simplify incentives for retirement savings and increase “retirement readiness” in America.

Medicare Advantage Agents: Make the Most of the SEP Coming October 1

We've provided answers to some of the questions you and your clients might have about the Special Election Period (SEP).

5 Things Every Medicare Agent Should Know

Here are five things every insurance agent should know about the modernized Med Supp plans and the tactics some carriers employ to get your attention.

CDs vs. Fixed Deferred Annuities: Which Is the Better Safe Money Option?

While no solution is right in every situation, fixed annuities enjoy a number of attributes CDs simply can't compete with.

Life Insurance: A Legacy of Love

A life insurance purchase is an act of love — a promise to provide for the ones you love, even after you're gone.

LIMRA: Life Insurance Ownership Hits 50-Year Low

LIMRA's latest research shows life insurance ownership at a 50-year low.

Impressive Stats for Life Insurance Sales in First Half of 2010

Life Insurance sales are up through the first six months of 2010.

10 Reasons You'll Wish You Had a Travel Protection Plan

People often don't think of travel insurance until they actually need it. Well here are 10 common circumstances where you'll wish you had it.

3 Steps to Protect Your Travel Investment

Relying on your health insurance or credit cards to cover you while abroad could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How Precision Marketing Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Prospects

What if you could spend the majority of your time offering solutions for people with similar needs? By engaging in Precision Marketing, you can.

KISS the Fixed vs. Variable Annuity Conversation

A conversation to help clients understand whether variable or fixed annuities are best for them. 

Help Your Clients Get Discounts on Drugs Not Approved for Part D

What options do you have if no Part D plan covers your client’s drug because the drug is not approved by CMS?

Something for Nothing?

How can a Medicare Advantage insurer can charge $0 premium for a plan and make money?