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SMS Adds Final-Expense Insurance Price Quoting to Online Quoting Tool

SMS expanded its popular online quoting tool to offer final expense insurance quotes, allowing insurance agents to quickly access prices from multiple carriers.

Get Exclusive Leads Through SilverScript

Get exclusive leads with the SilverScript PDP when you are contracted through SMS. 

New Program Shows Professionals How to Turn Social Security Advice Into Business Growth

SMS developed Total Social Security to help independent insurance and financial professionals identify their clients’ best Social Security claiming strategies.

SMS Introduces Exclusive Program: Total Social Security

Total Social Security is a new SMS program that gives you everything you need to build Social Security planning into your practice — at no cost to you.

Three Planes and a War — Why Accidental Death Insurance Is Important

Accidental death insurance protects against plane crashes. 

Real-World Examples of Why Travel Insurance Is a Must

Many travelers mistakenly believe that their health insurance plan or the U.S. government will provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Medicare Answers: When Switching Plans, Will Rx Coverage Restart With New Carrier or Continue With Old Carrier?

Medicare Answers: Would Rx coverage restart with a new carrier or continue from where it was with the old carrier if an MA plan is switched to a Med Supp plan? 

e-Apps Gaining Popularity

The percentage of Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement applications submitted by SMS agents jumped from 11 percent in January 2011 to 30 percent in January 2014.

Medicare Answers: Is Medicare Now Paying Only 78% of a Claim?

This week's Medicare Answers addresses a question about EOB's showing Medicare paying 78%, instead of 80% of a claim.

Medicare Answers: Is Medicare Now Paying Only 78% of a Claim?

SMS’ Dwane McFerrin recently addressed a question about EOB's showing Medicare paying 78%, instead of 80% of a claim.

Sales Concept: Creating a Private Pension Plan - Advanced Sales Forum

Bill Kauffman, Director of Life and Annuity products at Senior Market Sales, explains today's re-made private pension model.

Top-Producing Agents Attend 2014 Advanced Sales Forum

Sixty-seven agents from across the country visited Omaha June 11 to 13 for one of SMS' premiere annual events.

Medicare Answers: Enrolling in Part B Without a Penalty?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses whether a couple currently enrolled in Part A can enroll in Part B without having to pay a penalty.

Inpatient Versus Observation: Why You Should Know the Difference

Understand the difference between "admitted as an inpatient" and "held for observation."

BalancedChoice Annuity Offers Clients the Opportunity to "Buy Low, Sell High"

The most basic yet sound investing advice you’ll ever hear is buy low, sell high. It’s difficult to do, and all but impossible with an indexed annuity — until now.