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Total Social Security
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One piece won't do when your clients' retirement is at stake. Everything you need in one tool.

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Powerful, Visual Reports for Your Clients

All of the information compiled into one comprehensive client-approved report which agents can use to help clients gain understanding so as to present suitable solutions to any shortfalls shown in the report.

Powerful visual reports for your clients

Claiming Strategy Options

The software displays all of the strategies available to your client, highlighting the suggested, earliest and alternate strategies.

Break-Even Charts

Break-even charts allow your clients to see which strategy produces the best result over all life expectancy combinations.

Income Gap Charts

Income gap charts illustrate the gap between a client's projected Social Security benefit and desired income in retirement.

Only Total Social Security by Senior Market Sales has the Whole Package

Marketing Resources

Some IMOs might have a seminar program. Others could potentially offer a technology tool. But only SMS provides everything you need to build Social Security planning into your practice. Only SMS has the software, the seminar system, the training, the support and a process for making Social Security planning a profitable part of your business.

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