Whether your clients prefer to enroll online, over the phone, via text or in person, Medicare Insurance Direct (MID) has you covered.

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Now Available! Call-Recording and Voice Signature

Your No-Cost Solution for Over-the-Phone Enrollments

Enroll clients 100% over the phone with this new MID feature. It’s so client friendly. There are no links for the client to click on, or emails to send and receive. Clients don’t even need to log into a website.

MID’s new outbound call-recording feature allows you to:

  • Complete Scope of Appointments via phone connection
  • Use voice-recording signatures to complete enrollments
  • Comply with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services new call-recording requirements   

This new feature is a first for Medicare field agents. All outbound calls are recorded as long as you initiate them through the MID platform. Plus, it works with all carriers!*

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* SMS has worked with its technology partners to develop solutions to assist its agents in managing call recording requirements under CMS regulations effective for the 2023 plan year. Please note that none of the information provided by SMS in regard to these technology solutions should be taken as legal advice, or as a guarantee that use of any particular technology will fulfill your regulatory or contractual requirements. You are responsible for understanding all call recording obligations that are applicable to you, and for ensuring that you are using our technology solutions in a manner that will allow you to meet those obligations. The solutions provided by SMS are not the only options available for management of your call recording obligations.

Make Remote or Face-to-Face Sales

MID is a client-facing technology solution that pairs an agent’s good, sound advice regarding a client’s Medicare solution with the convenience of self-enrollment.

Face-to-Face Sales

Agents can use MID in face-to-face and even retail settings to shop, quote, enroll and retain Medicare Advantage and Part D customers.

Remote Medicare Sales

With the agent’s advice in mind, seniors can access MID to self-enroll from any location, day or night, using any device.

Medicare Insurance Direct® Features and Benefits

Shop, provide quotes and enroll clients regardless of time or location using any device

Gain access to an extensive carrier list and manage your book of business

Deliver personalized, accurate cost estimates and drug costs

Stay compliant by obtaining electronic Scope of Appointment forms without the need for face-to-face meetings

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