The Core Retirement Planning System

Attract prospects and gain clients for life when you use this proven system. It provides a structured planning process that's easy for you to implement and an exceptional customer experience that they'll tell their friends and families about.

Core Retierment Guide

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What’s in the Core Retirement System?

Core Retirement

Customizable postcard to attract prospects to retirement seminar

Core Retirement

Seminar PowerPoint presentation to educate prospects

Core Retirement

Educational guide to incentivize clients to schedule an appointment

Why It Works

Pre-retirees and retirees want the information you’re providing. You connect with them by addressing the very questions keeping them up at night — when to retire, when to claim Social Security, how to pay for health care in retirement, and more. Every client-facing piece of the Core Retirement System resonates with them and positions you as the expert to help guide them through the complicated decisions. They see your value immediately as well as years into the future, as you lay out how you can help them at each milestone.

The centerpiece of this system is the consumer-facing brochure, “Your Core Retirement Decisions.” Use this guide to:

Core Retirement
  • Provide a framework to the initial client meeting
  • Paint a big-picture view of key retirement decisions and their complexities
  • Position your services and advice as the solution to working through those complexities, by offering a smooth, low-stress customer experience with expertise only available by working with you
  • Walk clients through an easy-to-understand, two-page timeline featuring key ages in retirement when they should make decisions — from enrolling in Medicare and claiming Social Security to buying long-term care insurance and taking IRA distributions

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