Selling Travel Insurance With SMS Is Easy

  1. Become a Travel Insurance Center® affiliate
  2. Check with your state department of insurance to add the Travel Line of Authority to your insurance license.
  3. Let your customers know you offer travel insurance! Add a travel insurance link or banner to your website.
  4. Use our new Travel Insurance Recommendation Tool - Travel Insurance Center® has unveiled a new tool that makes it even easier for you to provide your clients with an expert’s customized recommendation for travel insurance.
  5. Our Policy Picker makes selecting product very easy, but please call us to discuss the various plans. We are more than happy to coach you through the various travel insurance plans.
  6. You make the sale and earn the commission, or refer the client to our call center. We process the policy in-house and you earn the commission.
  7. We mail you a commission check for your previous month’s production!

More Information on Our Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance Center Policy Picker® makes it easy for you to quote, compare, buy, and save on travel insurance packages offered by leading travel insurance companies. Try it here.
  • Use the Travel Insurance Center Recommendation Tool and have travel insurance experts hand-pick travel insurance options for you, based on the information you provide. Try it here.
  • Start Earning Money with Travel Insurance Center Today!
    By becoming a Travel Insurance Center Affiliate you can create additional revenue and become a one-stop shop for all your clients’ insurance needs. Visit to learn more.