Why SMS for Hospital Indemnity?

Health care costs can be expensive and most insurance plans don’t cover all of the necessary treatments. That leaves medical expenses that have to be paid out of pocket. You can help your clients protect their savings and offset the cost of deductibles, copays and other additional expenses incurred but not covered by other insurance plans.

Did you know that by following CMS guidelines during a compliant Medicare Advantage sales meeting, you are, in essence, setting the stage for cross-selling a hospital indemnity plan with your client? Agents are required to go through the summary of benefits with their client for each MA/MA-PD plan they present. By doing this, you are showing your clients their out-of-pocket exposure for the higher cost-sharing items on a MA/MA-PD plan, such as hospitalizations and outpatient procedures.

After reviewing the summary of benefits, you’ve identified the potential gaps that need to be filled, and now you can simply and easily make the transition to explaining how a hospital indemnity plan could be a great fit.

SMS provides you everything you need to get started.

  • Help navigating the carrier-specific websites
  • Education on new business application submission guildelines and carrier-specific underwriting/suitability requirements
  • Supplies
  • Proven sales techniques shared by other succcessful producers
  • Lead programs and carrier co-op lead programs
  • And more

Our Hospital Indemnity Carriers

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