Why SMS for Long-Term Care?

With the LTC team at SMS, you don’t have to be a long-term care planning expert to help your clients protect their family and their assets from an extended care situation. We will train you on the product, equip you with conversation starters, run your illustrations and coach you on how to present the right solution to the client. We can also help you get your business issued quicker and easier with pre-underwriting.

Menu of Services:

  • Illustrations, case design and sales support
  • Product analysis and training
  • Pre-underwriting
  • Discounts on CE and CLTC certification
  • New business pre-screening
  • Case management

We’re dedicated to making you more efficient, more knowledgeable and ultimately more profitable. We take care of the details . . . so you can spend more time selling.

Our Long-Term Care Carriers

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