Fidelity & Guaranty Life (F&G)

About Fidelity & Guaranty Life (F&G)

FGL Holdings — the F&G family of insurance companies — is committed to helping Americans prepare for and live comfortably in their retirement. Through its subsidiaries, F&G is a leading provider of annuity and life insurance products. FGL Holdings, domiciled in the Cayman Islands, trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FG.


Offering leading-edge annuity and life insurance products for nearly 60 years, the FGL Holdings family of companies serves its clients through the growing independent agent market. In the late 1950s, our former parent company USF&G identified a need for innovative life insurance and annuity products that could be distributed through its property & casualty agency system. The Company launched F&G in 1959 to achieve that mission.

We introduced our first product, traditional term life insurance, in 1960. Over the following years, we added additional life and annuity products to our portfolio. We consistently built our policyholder base during this period by developing products offered through respected independent licensed agents. The US property & casualty business rapidly consolidated in the 1990s. Our parent company merged with another P&C carrier, the St. Paul Companies. In 1998, we launched our first fixed indexed annuity product. We ranked among the top three in the industry for overall fixed indexed annuity sales that year. We subsequently launched additional Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) and built a strong reputation as a pioneer in this space. Based on our success in the indexed insurance market, a large UK-based carrier, Old Mutual acquired F&G in 2001. The carrier wanted to use our company as the cornerstone for their expansion into the US market. We continued to strengthen our product portfolio and launched five new FIAs under their stewardship as OM Financial Life Insurance Company. We also introduced our first fixed indexed universal life product.

In 2011, HRG Group, Inc. purchased the company as the foundation of its insurance and financial services group and we became F&G. Since then, we have launched four new FIAs. We’ve also strengthened our life insurance portfolio by introducing two new indexed universal life products. In December 2013, Fidelity & Guaranty Life completed an initial public offering.