How to Sell More IUL: The Smart Money Concept and North American's IUL Portfolio

  • Originally published July 15, 2015 , last updated January 29, 2020
  • Life, IUL Basic Training Webinar Series, North American Company, Indexed Universal Life

Do your clients have funds set aside that they can access easily? Is this money stored where exposure to loss is limited? If so, this money is "smart money," money that they want to keep close at hand and that they don't want to lose significant value. While there are many options for where to hold this smart money, only one helps gain generally income-tax-free death benefit protection: life insurance.

Worried about accessing the money? With permanent life insurance, money can be accessed through loans and withdrawals. Plus, permanent life insurance offers the potential for cash value growth — funds that can be accessed down the line when needed. Consider using permanent life insurance for smart money.

In this webinar, we cover the smart money concept and how North American's competitive portfolio of life products makes it one of our top carriers.