Demand for telehealth services has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) offers a telehealth solution so you can connect clients to health care in the comfort of their own homes. You don’t have to get contracted –  simply refer clients to Telehealth Direct by MeMD. For each client that signs up and provides your name and NPN, you can earn a $25 referral fee.

Value to the Client

  • Provides access to licensed medical professionals anytime, anywhere
  • Only costs $9.95 per month subscription plus affordable per-session charges
  • Covers up to six people on one account (subscriber, plus five loved ones)
  • Helps avoid potential exposure to the novel coronavirus by avoiding the doctor’s office
  • Eliminates travel time needed to get to and from the doctor’s office

Value to You

  • Builds your reputation as an agent that promotes client safety
  • Provides a $25 referral bonus eligibility when clients enter your name and NPN at checkout
  • Opens the door for cross-selling opportunities
  • Provides free online marketing of this value-added service on your website (if it’s an Agent Methods website) with a Telehealth Direct web page that lets clients self-enroll

What Is Telehealth Direct?

Telehealth Direct is administered by MeMD, one of the nation’s largest telehealth providers. For a low monthly fee of only $9.95 and affordable per-session charges, clients can meet with a licensed medical, therapy, or psychiatric provider by phone or online from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Telehealth Direct by MeMD