Lead Advantage Pro Training

SMS has created a tutorial video library collection, which focuses on the user-friendliness and versatility of the Lead Advantage Pro platform. The goal is to show agents the simplicity of the platform make-up, thus communicating how easy it is to get started with this platform.

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Lead Advantage Pro Overview

Lead Advantage Pro, the proprietary tool from SMS, lets agents take prospects from lead to enrollment in one place. This 60 minute tutorial goes over the bells and whistles that Lead Advantage Pro offers, and answers the following questions: Why should I use Lead Advantage Pro? How can it save me time? How can it help me close more sales?

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Navigating Lead Advantage Pro Tutorial

This five minute introductory tutorial provides an overview concerning Lead Advantage Pro, focusing on the user-friendliness of its navigation feature. The goal is to show agents the simplicity of the platform’s make-up, thus showing how easy it is to get started with this platform.

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Entering A New Lead

This tutorial demonstrates some popular methods of entering leads into Lead Advantage Pro. You can enter them manually. You can import them from your own lead lists. There’s even a way for vendors to auto-load purchased leads directly into the tool.

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Managing Your Leads

This short presentation guides you through the lead management tool within Lead Advantage Pro. You will learn how to: track your leads, utilize the conversation log, and use the comments section for maximum effectiveness.

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Using Lead Advantage Pro to Turn Leads into Clients

This presentation highlights how Lead Advantage Pro can be used to streamline and simplify the process of converting leads into clients using the Electronic Scope of Appointment Form feature.

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The Blue Button Feature

This tutorial shows how the new Blue Button feature in Lead Advantage Pro allows Medicare participants the ability to share their prescription drug lists, pharmacies and providers directly with you, their trusted advisor. This intuitive feature can be accessed quickly, is designed to save you time and help you with accuracy pertaining to client information.

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Quoting Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans With Blue Button

This five minute tutorial talks through all the other options that play into the quote. The additional filter options, Low Income Subsidies, health condition. Addresses the non-maintence drugs and why you would want to filter those out.

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Quoting Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans Using the Medicine Cabinet (Manual Look Up Tool)

This video shows how to manually enter prescription drugs. Also, it talks through pop-up warnings and how to effectively use it as an identification tool with clients.

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Lead Advantage Pro’s Pharmacy Network and Quick-Links Feature Upgrade

You can now see which Medicare Advantage plus Part D plans are in your clients’ network with their preferred pharmacy. Also, as a way to help your clients save even more, you can make a selection that allows you to see the name and costs at each plan’s preferred mail-order pharmacy. Plus, the new quick-links feature allows you to save your agent hyperlinks and other frequented webpages, thus saving time and increasing platform usability.

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Utilizing the All-Carriers Medicare Advantage Plus Part D Quoting Feature

This tutorial shows how to quote all Medicare Advantage plus Part D plans available in the market. Using this Lead Advantage Pro feature, you also gain the ability to filter all of the plans as part of the quote results, instead of having to click a separate link for results in a separate window.

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Running and Facilitating Medicare Advantage Plus Part D Quotes

This video shows the simplicity of taking clients from quote to enrollment using the Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medicare Advantage plus Part D combined quoting feature within Lead Advantage Pro.

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Lead Advantage Pro Enrollment Options & Overview

Medicare clients prefer to do business with those who cater to their preferences. That’s why Lead Advantage Pro offers so many diverse enrollment options. Watch this video and discover how to complete enrollments via online, email, over-the-phone and face-to-face interactions. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) offers Lead Advantage Pro on a proprietary basis at no cost. No matter how you meet with your clients, SMS has you covered.

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Original: Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®)

This video shows A Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliant online enrollment process to sell Medicare Advantage over the phone and Internet through Lead Advantage Pro.

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Enhanced Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®)

This video demonstrates enhanced features available on Lead Advantage Pro’s AICOE tool. These enhancements have been designed to give you greater control over the enrollment process and utilizes technology to prepopulate AICOE form fields for ease of completion.

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Running Medicare Supplement Quotes

This video shows how to navigate the Medicare Supplement quoting feature within Lead Advantage Pro. It demonstrates the user-friendliness of the feature, not only in terms of getting the quotes, but also in being able to email the quote directly to the client via this program.

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Using Lead Advantage Pro for Life Insurance Sales

Watch this tutorial and discover how to run life insurance quotes, assist in your clients’ health class assessment, access applications and obtain marketing material. Through the electronic application feature, you can take advantage of accelerated underwriting decisions which will save time as compared to traditional underwriting methods.

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Resource Library

Looking for answers? SMS offers additional resources designed to help you become proficient with Lead Advantage Pro®.

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