Help clients achieve better retirement outcomes through better risk analysis

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Software and support to help you set proper downside expectations with clients

The powerful software does the complicated calculations for you.

Experts are available to answer questions.

The Advantage of Better Risk Analysis

SmartRisk gives you the competitive edge with best-in-class algorithms and sophisticated models that more accurately analyze portfolio risk. And analysis that’s more accurate helps you.

Analyze asset interaction during times of market stress.

Determine if clients’ portfolios are aligned to their risk tolerance.

Better prepare clients for down markets and help guide their behavioral decisions.

Retain clients during down markets because you’ve helped them avoid costly mistakes.

Powered by Covisum®

Reports That Communicate Clearly

Easy-to-explain reports allow you to compare clients’ current portfolios to portfolios you may recommend.

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Proven Marketing Materials

Attract prospects with a client-facing educational workshop proven to turn leads into appointments.

A Senior Market Sales® Exclusive

Free to contracted insurance and financial planning professionals who qualify.

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