The GoSMS text-based quoting platform allows agents to quote multiple carriers on their mobile devices without downloading an app.

We've created a short tutorial video showing you how the text-based system works. Located above.

To sign up for mobile quotes, simply text “GoSMS” to 54283 on your mobile phone, and you’re ready to start quoting.

Get Med Supp Quotes on Your Smart Phone Two Ways

1. By Text Message

  • Text the zip code, age, and gender (M or F) — in that order — to 54283. (For example: 68110 68 F.)
  • Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a text response showing preferred Plan F rates for all SMS-supported Med Supp carriers.
  • Want more info on one of the plans displayed? Just text the number that’s next to that carrier’s name. You’ll get additional quotes for other plans offered by that carrier (Plans C, G, N, for example.)
Medicare Supplement Mobile Quoting

2. By Mobile-Optimized Website

Called our “Mobile Web Calculator,” this Web-based quoting tool is optimized for use on smart phones and allows you to enter more information about your clients to get an even more accurate quote.

There are two ways to access it:

  • In your smart phone’s browser, go to
  • Text “mobile” to 54283
Medicare Supplement Mobile Quoting

Helpful tips

  • For text: Add “54283” to your contacts as “Med Supp Quoting,” so you don’t have to remember the number each time you want a quote. When you do want a quote, just go to your mobile phone’s contacts, find “Med Supp Quoting” — or whatever you choose to name it — and hit “send message.”
  • For mobile-optimized website: Add the “GoSMS!” icon to your mobile device’s desktop so you don’t have to remember the website address. Just tap the “Add to Home Screen” icon.
  • The mobile-optimized website allows you to select the plan letter you'd like to be the default option. The system will remember that choice and all of your other preferences for your next use.

Text "Go SMS" to 54283 to get started today!