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ProtectorPlus Dental is a proprietary dental product underwritten by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. ProtectorPlus Dental is designed with the senior market in mind, filling a strong need and protecting your clients’ out of pocket costs. In fact, dental is the most requested senior benefit.

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ProtectorPlus Dental Highlights

Low Deductible

No Enrollment Fee

Competitive Rates

Protector Plus Dental

About ProtectorPlus Dental

ProtectorPlus Dental partnered exclusively with SMS in 2020 with the goal of bringing affordable, competitive dental products to the senior market. SMS was a perfect match for this partnership, having been successfully serving the senior segment since 1982. And Ameritas was the natural choice to underwrite these plans, due to its long-standing reputation for stability

A Super Dental Plan for Seniors

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ProtectorPlus Dental Differentiating Details

Immediate Coverage

Immediate coverage on day-one for Preventive, Basic and even Major services. It offers peace of mind because clients can rest assured that they are covered right away. Major coverage is a big deal. Many competing plans only offer coverage for Major services after a waiting period has been met. Major coverage includes complex oral surgery, root canals, periodontics, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

The Low Annual Deductible

The low annual deductible of only $25 per person ($75 per family) and no enrollment fee ensures that clients aren’t afraid that out-of-pocket expenses are too great for treatment to occur. This not only relieves clients of financial burden, but also promotes healthy teeth and gums since clients aren’t dissuaded from getting treatment due to high deductible obligations.

Agents can request a free Personalized URL after 5 sales

Agents can request a free personalized URL after 5 sales. This makes the application process easier for computer-savvy clients and results in happier customers who prefer online enrollment processes. It also leads to happier agents who can gain more sales and make more money while saving time.

The Lack of Age-Banding

The lack of age-banding caters to the senior market. Essentially, the premium for this plan is not contingent upon the client’s age at time of issue. In other words, older clients pay the same rate as younger clients regardless of the fact that statistically, older clients have more dental needs.

Preventive Services Benefit

Preventive care services received don’t count towards your maximum benefit. This saves the entire maximum benefit amount for all other services covered under the plan. As such, policyholders don’t have to worry that standard cleanings and other such dental procedures will leave them short in the event of an unexpected major dental event.

This Plan Features One of the Largest Dental Networks

Clients benefit from one of the largest nationwide dental networks. This means that receiving covered treatment is very convenient regardless of location. It also ensures that this plan has a high level of salability for agents.

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No one has more Medicare knowledge and experience than SMS. Working with one of our marketing consultants can help you have your most profitable AEP ever.

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