As Utah’s oldest active life insurer. SILAC, Inc. purchased SILAC™ in April 2017, bringing both access to capital and strong, experienced leadership. SILAC™ is licensed in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

Throughout its 80+ year history, SILAC™ has been a pioneer in emerging markets. In 1965, Medicare Supplement Insurance was developed, followed by SILAC™ beginning to develop and market other supplemental health products in 1974. This tradition continues with the introduction of Fixed Annuities in 2018 and Fixed Index Annuities in 2019.

SILAC™ will continue to draw on its long history but also look towards the future, developing products for our current and future policyholders in order to help with their savings and retirement needs, supplemental health insurance, and the ability to leave a financial legacy for their family.

The character of the SILAC™ family is what truly sets us apart. Over the years, we’ve earned a national reputation for caring. Its value cannot be measured in dollars; and we passionately guard and preserve it.

We know that our policyholders & distribution partners all have options; and we are focused on SILAC™ being your #1 choice.