Two Tools for Post-Pandemic Medicare Sales Success

  • Originally published March 31, 2021 , last updated September 14, 2022
Two Tools for Post-Pandemic Medicare Sales Success

With the COVID-19 vaccine in the distribution phase, consumers are gaining optimism. The pandemic has certainly changed the way people behave with some changes anticipated to remain the norm even after herd immunity has been reached. In the insurance industry for instance, according to a recent Deloitte article, it is anticipated that a significant portion of insurance consumers will likely prefer to continue meeting with producers and agents in a virtual manner. As such, it stands to reason that insurance agents who cater to this trend will likely see the most success.  

Agents need a way to continue meeting with clients the way they prefer to meet. Fortunately, Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has technology solutions in place to ensure you can make Medicare sales in a variety of in-person and virtual environments. Below are some details regarding two of these leading tools, Lead Advantage Pro® and Medicare Insurance Direct® (MID).

Lead Advantage Pro

Lead Advantage Pro is the proprietary tool from SMS that lets you take prospects from lead to enrollment in one place. In essence, this platform is designed to simplify your day and maximize your time. In addition, it works well as a means to meet clients’ needs in a compliant way while opening up the methods through which you can meet with clients.  

Some Lead Advantage Pro features and benefits:

  1. Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®) and PDF Enrollment features help you close sales face-to-face as well as over the phone and through the internet.
  2. Tired of going to different carrier websites to see if providers are in-network for Medicare Advantage plans? Check out the exclusive Provider Look-up and Network Search (PLANS) tool.
  3. Run out of supplies? You can download the application for every carrier SMS works with.
  4. Frustrated by Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms? See how easy it is to complete the SOA in less than three minutes.
  5. The Blue Button feature allows Medicare participants the ability to share their prescription drug lists, pharmacies and providers directly with you. Once you’ve obtained your client’s consent, this list can be accurately compiled in minutes.
  6. Maximize Part D sales with All Carrier Part D Quoting.

Medicare Insurance Direct

Medicare Insurance Direct is a tool that allows you to help clients help themselves, thus avoiding the need to meet in-person. The idea of MID is to pair your good, sound advice regarding a client’s Medicare solution with the convenience of self-enrollment. You can use MID to match beneficiaries with available plans based on individual healthcare, prescription drug needs and estimated out-of-pocket expenses. You send a Personalized Universal Resource Locator (PURL) to your clients that take them to a micro-site displaying the states and carriers that you are properly credentialed to sell, including Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans, Part D and Medicare Supplements. Plus, this platform gives you the ability to quote all Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

Here’s How MID Works to help make sales without increasing a client’s coronavirus risk:

  1. You set up a consumer-facing web site through Medicare Insurance Direct, and personalize it for your business (your site will only show plans you’re licensed and appointed to offer).
  2. Your clients get the convenience of quoting and enrolling in Medicare Advantage and Part D plans online, at their leisure.
  3. You get credit for every sale, because you have a custom URL and your agent writing number is associated with the site.

Your Next Step

Through the utilization of these tools and services, agents are giving clients the freedom to choose how they wish to meet, and because of that they are closing more sales. If you’re not already taking advantage of these resources, then now’s the time. Contact an SMS marketing consultant at 1.888.747.3810 in order to get started.


Key Takeaways

  • Tools for Medicare Sales in a Post-Pandemic Environment
  • Medicare Sales Regardless of How Clients Prefer to Meet
  • Medicare Sales Tools for No Cost