The Kind of Clients Who Love IUL

  • Originally published April 27, 2017 , last updated June 1, 2022
  • Life, Indexed Universal Life, IUL, Uncapped IUL
The Kind of Clients Who Love IUL

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) solutions are among the fastest growing segment of the industry. That’s not just because of the premiums or death benefits typically associated with life insurance. An IUL policy offers upside potential, guards against downside risk and provides tax benefits.

What kind of client should consider IUL? Start with the fact that they have no contribution limits and they offer tax-deferred growth.  Think about your client. Do they have wealth to protect? Are they a high-income earner? Maybe they are a business owner. Maybe they are looking for a way to save funds for college for a child or grandchild. IUL is very appealing to those who can see the obvious tax benefits.

Next, IUL plans offer the same lower risk option provided by fixed indexed annuities. An IUL may offer better returns and long-term growth than other fixed-rate options during a strong market, and have lower levels of risk than other investments because the value will not decrease if the index falls.

A tax averse client who has the long-term in mind really owes it to themselves to consider IUL as part of their strategy. There are uncapped IUL options available for clients who want to capture even more of the upside performance.  

The Annexus innovation that redefined the fixed indexed annuity industry are available in an IUL product. As an Annexus partner, SMS is able to help you offer these solutions to your clients.  Join us for a series of webinars that demonstrate the power of uncapped IUL accumulation, who is buying, and how to sell uncapped IUL. 

If you have questions about IUL and other life insurance solutions for your clients, a Marketing Consultant on the SMS Life team is equipped and prepared to help you. Call us at 1.877.888.0166 and start offering IUL today.