SMS Offers a Solution to's Prescription Drug List Policy Changes

  • Originally published August 29, 2019 , last updated January 29, 2020
SMS Offers a Solution to's Prescription Drug List Policy Changes

Have you heard the news? As of October 1, 2019 agents will no longer be able to access prescription drug lists for their clients on using the new Plan Finder. This represents a significant change, making the process of obtaining this information more difficult, and less pertinent even if it is obtained. Consequently, agents who use the site for that purpose and fail to adjust their procedures, will likely see their MA-PD and Part D sales suffer.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has a solution called Lead Advantage Pro®. This technology tool allows agents to easily and securely pull lists of prescription drugs, and store them on behalf of their clients. The process takes mere minutes to generate accurate client drug lists and reduces the potential for mistakes.


Call 1.888.747.3810 to learn more about this solution and how to gain access at no cost.


The versatility of Lead Advantage Pro is astounding. In fact, it goes well beyond the task of compiling prescription drug lists. It’s an all-in-one sales management tool, developed as a way to take prospects from lead to enrollment under one management system umbrella. It was designed specifically to give agents the ability to see more prospects, close more sales and save more time.

It’s all available at no cost! All of the above-mentioned features can be managed through an intuitive, user-friendly agent dashboard. Best of all, SMS is offering Lead Advantage Pro to agents at no cost. Want to learn more about Lead Advantage Pro? Click here.

Given the functionality of Lead Advantage Pro in conjunction with its time-saving benefits and the no-cost price tag, it’s obvious as to what your next step should be. Get started today by calling an SMS marketing consultant at 1.888.747.3810.

Beyond this tool’s ability to pull secure and accurate drug lists on behalf of your clients, you’ll find many other helpful features including:

  • The ability to run instant, multi-product quotes for:
    • Medicare Supplement
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Part D
    • Final expense
    • Dental
  • Having access to a robust library of up-to-date, compliant carrier forms
  • Lead management capabilities inclusive of:
    • Importing leads directly into Lead Advantage Pro
    • Managing follow-ups using customizable dispositions, appointment calendar, notes and more
  • The capability to seamlessly transition to online enrollments via:
    •  Carrier portals
    • Our proprietary App by Email® system
    • The Agent-Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®) Process
  • Accessibility to electronically signed Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms that are:
    • A Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved process to get a signed SOA form electronically. This process takes only minutes through Lead Advantage Pro, putting you at a distinct advantage over other agents who do not have access to such time-saving options
    • Saved in Lead Advantage Pro so any Medicare plan sponsor can access them in connection with enrollment
  • The Provider Look-up and Network Search (PLANS) feature, which:
    • Allows users to locate healthcare providers by zip code, radius, and/or provider type
    • Grants agents the ability to organize data and compare plans with clients by preferred physician and/or network status