Renowned Economist Roger Ibbotson to Speak in Omaha, Nebraska, at Senior Market Sales® Event

  • Originally published May 21, 2019 , last updated October 14, 2020
Renowned Economist Roger Ibbotson to Speak in Omaha, Nebraska, at Senior Market Sales® Event


OMAHA, NEBRASKA — Roger Ibbotson, an influential economist known for his groundbreaking work on the historical returns of the stock market, will speak on Tuesday, June 4, to insurance and financial planning professionals from across the country at the Senior Market Sales® 2019 Sales Forum in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ibbotson, whose early research became the standard reference for the returns of the various asset classes back to 1926, will speak at the SMS event on his recent research on fixed indexed annuities (FIAs).

“Ibbotson is an icon of the modern financial era, and his research continues to influence our industry and how people prepare for retirement,” said Bill Kauffman, SMS’ Vice President of Financial Solutions. “We are honored to bring him to Omaha to share his expertise and industry insight not only with our top advisors from across the country but also with local advisors.”

While the four-day Sales Forum is open only to SMS partners, Omaha-based SMS invites insurance and financial planning professionals from Omaha and the surrounding area to attend the Ibbotson address at 3 p.m. June 4 at no cost and to a special cocktail hour afterwards for an opportunity to meet him. However, seating at the Omaha Marriott Downtown at Capitol District is limited, so interested advisors must register to attend.

“To have someone of Ibbotson’s caliber speak in our hometown is an enormous opportunity that we couldn’t let local advisors miss out on,” Kauffman said.  

Ibbotson is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Zebra Capital, an equity-investment and hedge-fund manager. He also is Professor in the Practice Emeritus of Finance at Yale School of Management.  He served as the Chairman of Ibbotson Associates and Ibbotson Associates Advisors, LLC, until both were acquired by Morningstar Inc. in March 2006. He has written numerous books and articles, including the annually updated “Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation” with Rex Sinquefield.

Ibbotson conducts research on a broad range of financial topics, including investment returns, mutual funds, international markets, portfolio management, and valuation. His research on FIAs, the basis of a 2018 white paper, found that uncapped FIAs would have outperformed equivalent bonds on an annualized basis for the past 90 years. The finding drew attention for challenging the conventional wisdom that advisors should shift clients’ portfolios from stocks into bonds as they reach retirement to de-risk the portfolios and preserve wealth, and it shed new respect on FIAs.

Ibbotson is the keynote speaker on the first full day of the Sales Forum, SMS’ annual gathering of top producers. Now in its eighth year, the invitation-only Sales Forum offers SMS’ top producers the opportunity to get the economic trends, consumer insights and practical advice that will help grow their business.

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