How to Increase Your LTCi Placement Ratios

By Jackie Slaughter, Associate Director, Long-Term Care

  • Originally published May 26, 2016 , last updated April 10, 2018
  • Long-Term Care
How to Increase Your LTCi Placement Ratios

You take the time and create a specific LTC solution for your client. You have completed their medical background and got underwriting approval for submission. Your client completes their phone interview. But then you receive an email from the underwriter and they are declined.


You ask yourself what you missed. You completed all the upfront information with your client, but didn’t review the personal health interview, commonly known as the phone interview.

We must let the client know that every LTC carrier requires a personal health interview based on the age of the applicant. It could possibly be a face-to-face interview based on specific ages.

It’s important to prepare your clients for what will happen during the phone interview. You may also want to review the questions with them to make sure they haven’t forgotten to tell you anything the phone interview would bring up.

Questions commonly asked in the personal interview include:

  • Clients current health status
  • Name of clients primary care physician and/or specialist
  • The current medications and dosages taken daily
  • Future plans for any surgery, medical testing/consultation
  • Living arrangements and social activities
  • Usage of medical devices such as wheelchairs or canes
  • In addition, questions to evaluate your memory

The personal interview can take from 30 to 45 minutes. This interview is very important!

Make sure that when your client schedules the interview it is a time when they have no distractions, they can hear each other clearly and answer all the questions to the best of their ability. If there happens to be any distractions while they are in the interview, ask to reschedule so they can give their full attention. Life happens, and you want your client to give their full attention to the interview.

If you need more detailed or specific knowledge about what happens after the application is submitted, please contact the LTC team at 1.800.786.5566 Opt. #4.