Find More AEP Sales Using a Unique Solution

  • Originally published November 6, 2019 , last updated November 7, 2019
Find More AEP Sales Using a Unique Solution

As the 2020 Annual Election Period (AEP) season takes off, many agents are realizing that this year represents one of change. With more than 8 million seniors affected by disruptions in their prescription drug plans for 2020, agents’ phones are ringing off the hook. Plus, updates to and the Plan Finder have left many agents searching for solutions to help them make the best recommendations to their clients.

With all this disruption, agents need ways to essentially manufacture time so that they can meet with more clients and make more Medicare Advantage plus Part D (MA-PD), Medicare Supplement and Part D (PDP) sales. Fortunately, Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has developed solutions to these challenges. The following agent testimonial illustrates how an SMS solution created time for sales opportunities that may have otherwise been missed.

Agent Testimonial

Thanks for opening my eyes to what was happening with Wow, to say that I was shocked, dismayed and apprehensive would have been an understatement.

As I have come to expect from SMS, you not only alerted me to a problematic issue but also offered a viable solution. That solution was Medicare Insurance Direct (MID).

Here’s What We Did

We sent letters to 3,600 client households talking about changes and the reintroduction of MA-PD to our county. The letter went on to invite them to one of four seminars we were organizing. 

It turned out that client-interest regarding this information was off the charts. As a result of these seminar invites we ended up with over 200 people at each of the four events which equated to seeing over 800 clients within two days. We rented the largest venue in the city and were told that it could seat 325 people. When we arrived, however, we found chairs for only 160. Because of the high-interest level, the attendees stayed, standing along the side of the room and even sitting on the floor.

The Results

As of now, we have had 171 folks choose a different plan with the vast majority self-enrolling through our personalized consumer-facing website through MID. In addition, we have received over 15 emails with words praising the solution we presented to our clients. Most of them liked the simplicity and ease of the process and were happy to self-enroll.

More About MID

The idea of MID is to pair an agent’s good, sound advice regarding a client’s Medicare solution with the convenience of self-enrollment. Agents can use MID to match beneficiaries with available plans based on individual healthcare, prescription drug needs, and estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Agents send a Personalized Universal Resource Locator (PURL) to their clients that take them to a micro-site displaying the states and carriers that the agent is properly credentialed to sell, including MA-PD, PDP and Medicare Supplement.

The MID Process

  1. Set up a personalized consumer-facing website through MID (your site will only show plans you are licensed and appointed to offer)
  2. Let clients quote and enroll at their leisure, any time day or night

You get credit for every sale that goes through MID. Plus, using MID allows you to help more clients than ever before. Request your own quoting enrollment website today, or call 1.877.645.0147.