Connecting Health and Wealth

By Dwane McFerrin, Vice President, Medicare Solutions

  • Originally published February 8, 2018 , last updated January 7, 2019
Connecting Health and Wealth

You’ve heard clients worry about how they will pay for health care in retirement. It’s a common refrain, and you know how to help clients solve that challenge.

But as a Medicare agent, you’re also in a great position to help your clients establish retirement income and protect their assets. As they turn 65 and prepare to retire, do they know and understand their income sources from their employer-established plans or otherwise? Many clients are not aware that Medicare doesn’t cover costs for long-term care, including home health care. Even one serious health event can derail their financial plan and dig into savings. Are you able to clearly illustrate these risks and demonstrate solutions?

Do your clients have a plan in place to help protect them against possible situations like an early death, market downturn, or even outliving retirement assets? It would be nice to have a simple, easy way to show the impact of such life events to your clients. 

Now there is a tool that allows you to show a more complete retirement picture. Income ArchiTech helps you to demonstrate this in a really clear and impactful way.

Offering financial solutions is a natural extension of helping solve health insurance challenges. Using Income ArchiTech makes the transition from health to wealth solutions simple. It lets you easily show a big picture of their retirement plan, enables you to cross-sell and make the rest of the year as profitable as AEP.

Income ArchiTech makes it easy to illustrate the need to plan for unseen health care expenses. SMS is uniquely able help you with a wide array of competitive solutions, services, and technology to extend your business and develop your process.

If you’re a financial advisor needing to get in front of more prospects, then offering Medicare can be an opportunity for you. As a proven industry leader with more three decades of experience, SMS can help you build your book of business.

Watch the latest demonstration to see how Income ArchiTech helps build better retirement plans. Or, call a marketing consultant to discover how SMS can help you connect health and wealth. Call 1.800.786.5566.