Are Compliance Issues Delaying Your Policies?

  • Originally published January 11, 2013 , last updated March 20, 2018
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Are Compliance Issues Delaying Your Policies?

Make sure your CE requirements are up to date!

Did you know that Partnership compliance issues have been one of our biggest hold ups in getting new LTC applications issued?

One critical piece that is required for you to support your clients in their future needs is that you have your CE requirements up to date. States that have approved the National Partnership program are requiring the carriers to have a copy of, or have access via the state insurance website, your completions of CE without a lapse in dates from the initial 8-hour to your 4-hour refresher courses. This requirement is mandatory in most states and is to be completed prior to any discussion, offer, solicitation or the completion of an application.

Here are a few facts on Partnership compliance:

  • Your Partnership CE course completion date must be prior to the date the client signs the application.
  • Do not submit an application if the course completion date is not current.
  • States have different rules, but the basic requirements are that you complete your initial 8 hours and a 4-hour refresher is required 24 months from the completion date of your initial 8-hour CE. The 4-hour refresher is also due every 24 months after each 4-hour too.
  • If there is a gap in the dates, you must retake your initial 8-hour and make sure you complete the refresher prior to the expiration date of your initial completion date of your 8-hour CE.
  • If you have sent your client’s application direct to the carrier, they will require you to become compliant by taking your CE course AND submitting a newly dated application that is dated after your completion date on your CE. This could impact your client’s rates if there was a rate change in process and your reputation by not being in compliance when meeting with your clients. This is not an easy sell product so going back after the final meeting for additional signatures and a rate change could be …
  • Please call prior to your meeting with your clients or submissions to ensure you are compliant. Also, send your applications to SMS first. We will review for completeness and let you know ahead of time if there are any additional items needed.

Call your LTC marketer at 1-888-456-8884 Opt. 4, or email, to ensure that you are compliant!

The SMS LTC is a team of experienced and licensed agents that are your back office. We will train and assist you with solutions that will help your clients in the event they need a higher level of care that could include Home Health Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Care.

Happy new year and thank you for your business and partnership with SMS. We want to help you leverage your time, make more money and put your business in a position of distinction.

*Some states require additional hours and Medicare courses