Answers to Commonly Asked Social Media Questions

  • Originally published June 29, 2017 , last updated December 18, 2017
  • Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn
Answers to Commonly Asked Social Media Questions

If you’re thinking about using social media, you probably have questions about how to start. A social media strategist at SMS provided some answers to the questions they’re most frequently asked by agents.

Should I create an account on every social network?

Not necessarily. Focus your efforts on the platforms your clients and prospects use. 

The trick to knowing where to focus your energy on social is knowing where your audience is. Do an informal poll with a dozen clients. It’s unlikely, especially in the senior market, that they are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook is a good place to start. A recent study by Sprout Social showed that 62% of people aged 65 and up are on Facebook. 

How often should I share promotional material?

Most people come to Facebook to be informed and entertained. Try to employ the 80/20 rule of the things you share, with 20% being promotional. If you inform, entertain and engage your audience they will be more likely to tune in when you have a promotional message.

How do I grow my Facebook audience?

It takes time. You’d rather have 10 followers who are engaged than 100 followers who are not.

Once you have determined who your audience is and are posting messages that they will enjoy, comment on, like and share your audience usually will grow naturally. Another way you can attract new users to your Facebook page is to pay to promote your page.

What’s this Facebook algorithm I keep hearing about?

The algorithm is a formula developed by Facebook that decides (for you) which posts and updates you would most like to see based on your past habits while using Facebook. Chances are, you are connected to hundreds of people on Facebook. That’s a lot of material being shared. So if you have several hundred friends, you are most likely only seeing updates from a small percentage of them. The same thing goes for business posts. Fewer and fewer of your followers are seeing your posts organically.   One way around that is to pay to promote your best ideas.

What’s your best tip for social media success?

Have fun.

Don’t take yourself too seriously on social media. Show your customers that you are human! People follow people. If you can give your clients a glimpse behind the curtain then they will get to know you as a person and be more likely to keep you in mind next time they need your services.

Where can I get some good ideas?

There are several good examples of individuals and companies using social media right to build their following and business. Pick some that appeal to you, and think about how that approach might work for your business. Let us show you. Follow SMS on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your favorite social media channel, and you’ll see how to go about it. We’re here to help you. 

Key Takeaways

  • Only 20% of your sharing on social media needs to be promotional.
  • Be yourself. People follow people.
  • Social media for small business can be fun.