3 Questions Your Clients Need to Answer

By Jackie Slaughter, Associate Director, Long-Term Care

  • Originally published April 12, 2013 , last updated April 26, 2017

As the Associate Director of Long-Term Care at Senior Market Sales, I am always reading articles about long-term care, but I find the best information I get comes from the real life situations my agents deal with every day. In talking with agents, I find the same three questions keep coming to the forefront for their clients:

1. What care options are preferred?

2. What role, if any, will family members play in my care?

3. How will we pay for any required long-term care?

How would you answer these questions for yourself? I have answered them below as to how I would reply.

What care options are preferred?

I would prefer to stay at home as long as I can. I want the ability to choose my care providers and receive various levels of care at my home, including any new and innovative care as long as it fulfilled my needs. I would want the ability to make my home safer if it did not currently accommodate my care needs at home. I want to be able to choose where I will have my care when my home environment is no longer meeting my needs. My top priority is the ability to make choices for my care.

What role if any will family members play in my care?

I want (I secretly love saying this!) my family to not worry about the financial expenses and only support me in the decision making of who, what, when and where I receive care. They should be supervising my care and not providing the care. I want them to continue to live their lives without a radical change in their routines. I know there would be a slight impact, but I don’t want to be the major disruption in their daily lives. As parents, we want the future of our children to be better than ours. We want them to lead happy and productive lives that contribute to the world by making a positive difference — not sacrificing their hopes and dreams taking care of me in my later years. I do NOT want to be a burden on my children or family.

How will we pay for any required long term care?

I realize that my LTC policy might not cover 100% of the need, but it will be there if and when it’s needed. The additional expenses should not be a burden on my family since I have planned for that too. Knowing you have a plan if such an occurrence should arise makes all the difference in the world. It would be more than just a burden on children but on my spouse as well. As my husband always tells our children: always decrease and avoid any additional risk in anything you do.

After you’ve answered these questions for yourself, it’s time to start thinking about how your clients would answer them. How will you engage them in this conversation? And what solutions will you recommend to fulfill whatever goals and wishes get exposed in their answers? There are many solutions to help them plan for the future — traditional LTC, short-term policies and hybrid policies — you just have to help them make the choice.


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