Protect your business with discounted E&O insurance value-added program

Our group E&O program offers the lowest rates ever seen for non-captive agents. Agents can customize their plan to cover health insurance, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage (including Medicare Part D), disability insurance, senior dental insurance, final expense, guaranteed final expense, long term care insurance and travel insurance, or they can add additional products like life and fixed annuities.

Protect your business with this value-added program

10 Reasons to Choose E&O Through SMS

  1. Competitive rates - Choose a rate tier that pertains to your exposure only. You don't have to pay for more than what you need.

  2. Easy online enrollment -  Answer only handful of questions.

  3. Un-aggregated limits - Each enrolling agent gets their own limits.

  4. Low deductibles - $0 for products sold through Senior Market Sales®.

  5. First-dollar coverage for defense - Deductible does not apply to legal costs regarding defense of a claim, like some programs. 

  6. Customized program - The SMS program is dependent on its own underwriting results rather than the results of agents not affiliated with the program.

  7. Extensions of coverage included - Including Privacy Breach, Mediation Deductible Credit, Pre-Claims Assistance, Crisis Management-Public Relations, Disciplinary Proceedings, Wrongful Termination

  8. Automatic Retroactive Coverage for prior acts - Back to the first inception date of continuous E&O.

  9. Experienced Claims Handling and Adjustment - Dedicated administrator (Lancer Claims)

  10. A (Excellent) XV-rated carrier by A.M. Best and Company*

    *The information obtained from A.M. Best dated April 30, 2021 is not in any way CalSurance Associates’ warranty or guaranty of the financial stability of the insurer in question, and that the information is current only as of the date of the publication.

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